About Me

Cameron Doyle
Edinburgh, Scotland
Software Engineer


I was born, raised, and educated in the beautiful north-east of England, first in the small seaside town of Blyth in south-east Northumberland, and later in the thriving city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. After graduating in 2014 from Newcastle University, I moved north of the border to live and work in Edinburgh.

From a young age, I've had a keen interest in all things technical, although I've never been able to pinpoint the start of this fascination. I enjoy writing code, designing and developing programs and games, and expanding my repertoire of languages and technologies. Most of my code projects are available on GitHub.


When I'm AFK, I spend as much time as physically possible travelling the world, immersing myself in local cultures, and adding to my ever-expanding collection of Hard Rock Café t-shirts. When I'm not on the road (and sometimes when I am), I spend an unhealthy amount of time and money on my other two vices; third-wave coffee and single-malt Scotch.

I currently live in Edinburgh with my better half and our two dogs; Charlie and Sid. I spend a lot of my free time running and Canicross-ing, and I'm also currently learning to speak German. In between everything else, I also have a keen interest in behavioural economics, politics, and podcasts (my favourites include Freakonomics, Radiolab, Planet Money, and 99% Invisible).


Language Experience Proficiency
Java 7 years Proficient
Angular 6 months Familiar
TypeScript 2 years Familiar
AngularJS 1 year Familiar
C++ 2 years Familiar
HTML5 3 years Proficient
CSS3 3 years Proficient
PHP 1 year Familiar
JavaScript 5 years Familiar
SQL/MySQL 3 years familiar
Software Experience Proficiency
IntelliJ IDEA 3 years Proficient
Eclipse 4 years Proficient
Visual Studio 2 years Familiar
JMeter 2 years Proficient
JIRA 2 years Proficient
Git 4 years Familiar
JBoss 1 year Familiar
VS Code 2 years Familiar

Since University, the primary language I've used to develop has been Java (currently working with Java 11). I have experience of writing Java software in several independent programs, ranging from small independent projects to multi-million line codebases. I have knowledge of many data structures and algorithms, and can use them effectively.

Most recently, I have developed microservice applications and integrated them into a wider vanilla-Java architecture using the Spring Framework.

HTML was the first language I starting playing about with, well over fifteen years ago. Since then, I've built a whole bunch of websites in HTML4, XHTML, and more recently, various Javascript frameworks.

I have gained most of my recent Javascript experience using the AngularJS and Angular frameworks. I am currently working on a project to port this CV site into an Angular application.


2019-Present FanDuel

I started at FanDuel in autumn 2019, working primarily with Java microservices and Python APIs in the Account & Wallet sector

Account & Wallet

Java Developer (2019 - present)

Since joining FanDuel, I have been primarily working on a migration project to convert existing users in a third-party systems into our in-house solution. This has given me the opportunity to learn about the FanDuel project methodologies from the ground up, as well as having an immediate meaningful impact on a visible and important project for the company.

2017-2019 Avaloq

I joined Avaloq as a software engineer in the spring of 2017, working primarily as a Java developer in one of the web banking teams.

AFP Web Banking

Java Developer (2017-2019)

Throughout my time at Avaloq, I worked primarily in the middle server tier as a Java developer, with some occassional work in JavaScript/AngularJS/Angular on the front end, and PL/SQL in the back end. During my final year, I also worked with developing a Spring microservice and integrating it successfully with the main server tier.

I was the senior developer, and SME, for several key areas within our project, responsible for implementing new innovations and managing the maintenance of these areas. I developed strong relationships with key customers, implemented new functionality to meet client needs, and steered the components through various upgrade cycles and improvements.

Scrum Master (2019)

I was the primary scrum master within my team, following a variation of the SAFe Scaled Agile methodology. My role involved mentoring my team, handling and prioritising customer issues and requests, and managing the delivery and scheduling of our array of supported software versions.

2014-2017 CGI

I rejoined CGI as a graduate in the summer of 2014, and began working in various roles in the Government sector, including Java development, performance, and team management.

Scottish Government - AFRC

Java Developer (2016-2017)

After spending over a year learning and working as a performance analyst and team lead, I changed roles to work deeper in the development cycle of the system. I'm currently working as a Java developer in a team of six, using JBoss BRMS and Fuse.

I work using a test-driven development process, using JUnit for unit tests and EclEmma for code coverage to provide assurances for my code quality. Other software and technologies used include Oracle SQL, SoapUI, Maven, Subversion, and Jenkins.

Performance Team Lead (2015-2016)

Having worked as a performance analyst for several months, I was promoted to team lead for non-functional testing within the AFRC project, training three new members in performance testing and analysis, and managing the performance test schedule. I advised senior client management on performance metrics and directions, and worked closely with database and deployment managers to ensure a continued smooth transition to live.

Performance Analyst (2014-2015)

After my initial few months at the Scottish Government with systems integration and working my way up to team lead, I joined the non-functional team working as a performance analyst. Here, I learned about load-testing and performance metrics, and rebuilt the project's performance testing suite in JMeter from the ground up. The role required me to liaise closely with senior client management, helping me develop important negotiation and client communication skills.

2010-2014 Newcastle University

In the summer of 2014, I graduated from the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne  with an upper second-class honours (2:1) degree in Computer Science.


At Newcastle, I was awarded first-class marks for my work in Mobile Development, Programming for Games, Graphics for Games, Games Development, Server-side Web Development, and Cryptography. I also studied Advanced Programming, Database Technologies, Computer Networks, Modelling and Computation, Algorithm Design and Analysis, Internet Technology, and Software Project Management.

My final dissertation project was focused on designing and developing a travel-planning website and mobile application. This was developed using PHP and Android, as well as SQL and server technologies, and was awarded upper second-class marks.

2012-2013 Logica

During my degree studies, I spent a year in industry working for the IT consulting firm Logica (now CGI) . At Logica, I worked as a business and test analyst within the Financial Services sector, developing business scenarios for the client, and designing development criteria for our team of off-shore developers.


You can contact me on LinkedIn , although you're more likely to get a response if you drop me an email at hello@camerondoyle.co.uk using the form below.